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Check Out the Diet Plan of Gwyneth Paltrow

In April 2013, she was named “Most Beautiful Woman” by People Magazine and one look at her Iron Man 3 sheer side paneled dress is evidence enough. As a 40 something woman, Paltrow seems to have sacrificed something to the gods of beauty to be able to continue looking as she does. Her skin glows and her body seems to retain its youthful suppleness. The good news is that Paltrow is not one of those celebrities that like to shroud her in mystery or even worse, deny the hard work behind the body. No, Paltrow is accessible and you can follow her routine through her lifestyle website that helpfully shares food, exercise, and clothing insights into her life.

Paltrow is a member of the fitness prescription of Tracy Anderson, the fitness guru to A-list celebrities. Anderson is not wishy-washy but demands dedication. She likens exercise to brushing your teeth – you would not do it only three times a week. Exercise once a day for an hour to maintain health is required. The body needs to be taken care of. Normally a subscription to her gym costs upwards of $900 per month. Thankfully Anderson has made her regime public through her Metamorphosis DVD Program.

Paltrow’s diet is determined by her food allergies. She went to the doctor and realized she was sensitive to dairy, gluten, and chicken’s eggs. She has written the cookbook, It’s All Good packed with recipes that promise a toned body, clear skin and clear eyes.

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