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For this actor, the type of role he is cast in determines his exercise routine. Yet, Damon tells MensHealth that his favorite type of exercise is sprint-drills, which he did when training for the film Invictus. He enjoyed the challenge of doing something over and over again so that you could track your progress and adapt the speed to your own fitness level. Often celebrities share exercise routines that are over the top and seem very difficult to copy into a normal lifestyle that is busy with work and family. That is why sprint-drills are helpful, as the speed and length can be adjusted to suit your own needs.

The routine starts with a warm-up of jogging for about a mile, with a 5 minute rest and then followed by 4 400 laps that vary in intensity. The first 100 yards are done at 25% speed, the second 100 yards are at 75% speed, and the remaining 200 yards are done at 25% speed capacity. You can complement this with shorter dashes of 25 yards that are done back to back with only 12 seconds of rest between for a total of 20. Suicides of various lengths can follow with a final cool-down of half a mile jog and stretching. For his role in Elysium, the actor had to increase his gym time to four hours a day to prepare fro the role.

This actor is humble and charitable – often promoting his charities on the red carpet. He is an advocate for Water.org trying to get this basic necessity to all parts of the world. A quick search on the Internet pulls up his image in charity advocacy videos and interviews speaking about the cause close to his heart.

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