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Megan Fox Diet Plan – Health & Fitness

Fox is outspoken and has spoken about her position as a role model. She declares that she does not want to be a symbol of control to support the managing of women. She wants to represent women as whomever they decide to be whether that is outwardly sexy, intelligent and able to fight for your beliefs. 

Fox does a mix of Pilates, cardio, spinning classes and specifically recommends circuit training with Pasternak as it targets all the important muscles. If you want to get Fox’s body, a focus on small multiple exercises of crunches, hyperextensions, knee ups, lateral plank, and swiss ball exercises works balance and strength. The circuit is done an hour a day, with 5 minute exercises speparated by 30 second breaks. This intensive cardio-vascular routine makes the most use of the time, and combined with the motivation of a personal trainer she fights her inherent laziness when it comes to exercise.

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