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Miley Cyrus Height, Diet & Health

he proof of Miley’s healthy body is in a midriff – that is the crop top that shows off her toned abs. Miley’s Pilates trainer advocates half an hour of crunches that focus on pulling the stomach into the lower back as you do the motions. Her youth gives her a fast metabolism to maintain her body with such a demanding schedule.

Miley is also not able to eat gluten, so her stomach does not have bloating that eating those foods would give her. From the looks of her dewy skin, it appears that the star eats a lot of nutrient rich vegetables, lean proteins and fiber rich foods such as oats. The Belfast Telegraph reveals egg white omelets, raw veggies and fruit as a primary component of her diet. Running supplements her lifestyle, with a routine of 5 miles for 3 times a week.

With her schedule, Miley often has to attend dance rehearsals for her large-scale concert tours. Exercise is built into her lifestyle as her job demands active appearances for her fans. As for the anorexia rumors, Miley is simply a petite hard-working entertainer.

Pilates is safely designed to target and work out the areas of the body that performers need to be toned when they sign in front of crowds in their revealing costumes. When choosing a fitness program, it is important to realize that everybody’s body has different limits and some are built on the slimmer side. The constant, regardless of body type should be happiness and health.

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