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Rebecca Romijn Body Fitness – Health & Diet

This actress is proof that being open to new things pays off. Prior to her pregnancy, Rebecca tells Fitness Magazine that she had been doing Pilates for 14 years. Pilates is effective for most people, often centering on six principles of concentration, control, center, flow, precision, and breathing. Pilates has become popularized in the mainstream media, as the thing that stars use to get fit.

Rebecca Romijn Diet

What this tells you is that Pilates might work but you should always reinvent your fitness routine to challenge your body to new heights. For this actress, Bikram yoga is an intense 90-minute workout, cycling through the same 26 postures in a heated, humid room.

Rebecca says it is exactly this sweating out that she is now addicted to, roping in her husband actor Jerry to join her. Bikram yoga, works on the scientifically proven fact that sweat eliminates the toxins in the body. So the actress is able to take away the belly fat she gained during pregnancy but also come out stronger than before. She has noticed definition in her arms for the first time and the hot exercise makes her skin look better than ever!

As hardcore as this type of exercise is, it is important to listen to your body and realize your limits. Rebecca used to do additional yoga and run everyday with her twins, but backaches have made her scale it down. Instead she focuses on nutritionally dense food, such as spinach, chicken, lean fist, and sashimi with the occasional red meat. That doesn’t mean she does not splurge on a piece of piece once in a while!

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