Robert Pattinson Revealed His Diet Plan & Health

Pattinson loves food, but with strict habits is able to maintain his lean, evenly muscled body. His day is divided into five meals, evenly spaced so that the fat just burns away with regular exercise. He is very nutrient conscious, filling his day with enriched foods, full of iron, fiber, low fat protein and carbohydrates.

A tip from the celebrity is to avoid foods that are densely packed, as they can be very fatty such as burgers. Instead, the star lives around a cleansed palate, enjoying a glass of milk, eggs, fish, and slices of bread.

What is so appealing about his regimen is that it can be so easily applied. Pattinson is very relatable. Unknowingly, he can be the jogger running next to you listening to his eclectic music, that features Terry Reid, The Black Keys and James Brown. Cardio is the key to getting Pattinson’s perfect wide shoulders, trim waist and toned legs. He runs, he jumps, and he walks into shape. The actor can also be seen fitting in time at the gym, doing crunches and working with weight, to pack on that layer of toned muscle.

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