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Secret Behind Mark Wahlberg Health & Fitness

You can see an earlier version of Wahlberg’s fitness dedication in his workout video The Marky Mark Workout: Form… Focus… Fitness. This actor trained with Bryan Nguyen to go through an intensive body overhaul for his film Pain and Gain. Some of the insight from this intensive routine follows: It is a 5- day routine with two days a week off. This regiment is targeted to gain bulk fast, so it starts early in the morning followed by a quick nap and cardio in the afternoon.

The key is the weightlifting with a system of 4 sets of 8 to 12 repetitions. The goal is not to do more reps but keep increasing the weight so that 12 reps are done with difficulty. A superset is doing two exercises back to back, with multiple parts so that many muscles groups are isolated and exercises.

Exercises & Gym

If that seems daunting, Wahlberg’s advice is to ease into exercise. You have to pair intensive weight lifting with increased rest and nutrition to feed the body. For the actor, to bulk up fast for a role that meant whopping 12 meals a day! That meant an overload of food ranging from protein shakes, chicken, pasta, and burgers with the actor sometimes getting up during the middle of the night for another meal. Of course this kind of health program was role specific, and soon as the film wrapped up the actor started playing basketball to lose the weight for another role in 2 Guns with Denzel Washington.

Despite the body needed for the film, the actor admits that the regular exercise and diet makes his feel a lot better for the rest of the day.

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